Cohiba Talisman EL 2017 (10)

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Cohiba Talisman EL 2017 (10)

Vitola: Sublime No1

Ring gauge: 54

Length: 154mm


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Flavor: intense tobacco, somewhat woody, toasted, with vague mineral points, ripe fruits, sweet and spicy, which leaves us with memories of smoked cedar, raisins, vanilla, natural coffee, leather, light iodized points, honey and cloves, with a Long aftertaste reminiscent of a chocolate with raisin and rum.

Strength: medium / strong.

Shot: excellent with great puff.

Coat: almost ripe brown with red tints, thin with a certain fat and chosen from the upper part of the covered tobacco.

Combustion: even and homogeneous throughout the entire smoke.

Ash: matt medium gray, streaked with matt dark gray. Homogeneous and durable compact.

Aroma: tobacco, cedar, vegetable, bitter almond, molasses, leather and cloves.


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