TRINIDAD REYES (12) + 1 box RYJ No2 TUBO (25)


Vitola: reyes

Ring gauge: 40

Length: 110mm

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TRINIDAD REYES (12) + 1 box RYJ No2 TUBO (25)
T331 ,

Taste: intense tobacco and wood, somewhat spongy, quite sweet, but a sweetness that is accompanied by vague tips of roasted and spicy memories.

Strength: medium.

Shot: very good, favored by its short length, with wide and full puffs.

Layer: red that goes from natural to mature, somewhat thick, venous and bright.

Combustion: excellent, very even and homogeneous throughout the smoke.

Ash: light gray veined of medium gray, firm and consistent.

Aroma: intense tobacco, woody, softly sweet, with notes that bring memories to earth, leather and coffee.


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