Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill (25)


Vitola: Robustos

Ring gauge:50


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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill (25)

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill (25)

Flavor: very woody and fluffy, with intense vegetable touches and a vaguely sweet and slightly spicy final aftertaste.

Strength: ranging from medium to very slightly medium-strong.

Shot: very nice, leisurely and full.

Layer: Carmelite color, with red tones, which can go from natural to slightly mature, even with slight red, bright and oily tones.

Combustion: very correct, very even, with a very slight diagonal and the occasional peak.

Ash: medium gray with some streaks of darker color.

Aroma: tobacco, slightly woody, with slight vegetable memories and spicy notes, toast and soft touches of cocoa.



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