Punch Short de Punch (10)


Vitola: Paraiso

Ring gauge: 50

Length: 120mm


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Punch Short de Punch (10)

Flavor: tobacco, quite woody, with bitter and earthy tips, quite toasted and smoky, somewhat mineral, with mild spices and sweetness that leaves us memories of almonds, leather, with light disturbed tips, smoked cedar, coffee and cocoa tips, light tips of sea salt, vanilla, a touch of nutmeg and honey. Nice.

Strength: soft-medium.

Shot: magnificent.

Coat: natural red color, very silky.

Combustion: correct.

Ash: medium gray with dark gray streaks, both matte, compact and durable.

Aroma: tobacco, woody, herbaceous, toasted, spicy and sweet, which leaves us with memories of hay, fresh cedar, coffee, hazelnut, vanilla, honey and light tips of white pepper.


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