Vitola: D No6

ring gauge: 50

Length: 90mm

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Taste: intense tobacco, bitter, somewhat woody, with slight mineral and earthy tips, quite smoky and roasted, tasty sweetness in the background, which leaves us with memories of leather, coffee, roasted and slightly salted bitter almonds, moist earth, cedar, honey , with a very intense, concentrated and persistent aftertaste.

Layer: Carmelite color between natural and mature, fine, soft and with some silkiness and shine.

Shot: excellent, with ample puffs, full and full of nuances.

Combustion: even and homogeneous, excellent, demonstrating its great elaboration.

Ash: medium gray veined dark gray, firm, compact and durable from start to last third.

Aroma: intense tobacco, woody, earthy, roasted and smoked, slightly sweet and spicy that leaves memories of leather, cedar, moist earth, cinnamon, honey and white pepper.


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