Vitola: Petit edmundo

Ring gauge: 52

Length: 110mm

In stock



Taste: intense tobacco, at first somewhat dry, bitter and spicy, but quickly becomes woody, dry and sweet. Feeling very pleasant, very creamy in the mouth. Towards the end the bitterness reappears, but very well accompanied by an intense sweetness.

Strength: excellent that goes from medium-strong to strong.

Layer: natural Carmelite color with red touches, very thin, not very venous, bright and oily.

Shot: great shot, very typical of a 52 sticks that also enhances it with its short length.

Combustion: very good, very even and homogeneous until the end of the smoke.

Ash: well compacted, indicating a firm twist, medium gray veined with darker gray.

Aroma: intense tobacco, woody, strong and enveloping, slightly pungent, that brings to mind very roasted memories of leather and smoke.


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