Vitola:Petit Robustos

Ring gauge:50


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Taste: intense tobacco, softly woody, somewhat spongy, with a slightly sweet background, leaving an aftertaste of sweetness, toasted notes, leather and spices after the puff.

Strength: soft.

Shot: impressive, thanks to its great stocks and its short distance.

Layer: colored in color that can go from natural to mature, fine, bright and not very venous. This cigar is the last and exclusive addition to the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, and it is a new galley vitola, the Petit Robusto, created exclusively to meet the needs of those smokers who like wide shots, easy-to-smoke cigarettes and Short duration, able to concentrate all its essence in a brief burst of pleasure.

Combustion: it is correct, as corresponds to such a thick caliber.

Ash: medium matte gray, dark gray veined, is firm and very consistent, denoting a very good twist.

Aroma: intense tobacco, very woody and sweet, with vegetable memories, something spicy.


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