Vitola: Cañonazo

Ring gauge: 52

Length: 150mm

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Taste: intense tobacco, spongy and very woody, with a sweet and slightly spicy background, which is accompanied by a great final smoothness: magnificent.

Strength: medium.

Shot: awesome.

Layer: colored in color that can go from clear to natural, very fine and bright, oily.

Combustion: it is exceptional, as it corresponds to such a thick caliber, as well as very even and homogeneous during the whole smoke.

Ash: Matte light gray, metallic gray veined, very firm and very consistent.Aroma: intense tobacco, spongy, very woody, slightly spicy and with notes of deep sweetness.

Elaboration: totally by hand and presented in a sliding drawer (SLB) varnished, like the entire Century line. This cigar is the latest addition to the Century series, representing the s. XXI, and it is a new galley vitola, the Cañonazo, created exclusively for Cohiba, which manages to gather in a single cigar the preferences of the quality smoker today: thick gauge and medium length, great shot, excellent aroma and a Intense flavor full of nuances.


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