La Floridita

La Floridita

Probably heard of it, La Floridita is a well-known Bar in la Havana vieja. Opened in 1817 under the name “Pina de Plata”. The bar has become well-known thanks to the Ernest Hemmingway who was a regular customer for almost 20 years. That fact made “La Floridita” to appear on the Nobel pages.

Ernest Henmingway used to drink “Daiquiri doble helado” (Daiquiri Frappe) and is now part of the bar`s decoration.

The Daiquiri became popular in Santiago de Cuba and came to Havana from the hands of Constantino also called “El Constante” who was the owner of La Floridita.

Since then, he transformed the original recipe by creating and mixing combinations, added Maraschino liquor using the American blended until finally obtained the “Daiquiri Frappe”, hence the bar is called “ La cuna del Daiquiri”

La Floridita is nowadays a high interest tourist point to fell the essence of Cuban lifestyle.

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