The perfect Leaf! The world of Habano.

The perfect Leaf! The world of Habano.

Every leaf in a Habano is Tabaco Negro– directly descended from the plants that Columbus first discovered here more than five hundred years ago.

 There are two different forms of cultivation produce the different types of leaf required.Wrapper leaves are grown in tapado  (shade-grown) fields covered from end to end by muslin cloth.

Filler and binder leaves are grown in the open field, enjoying the full benefit of the Cuban sun. Those leaves grow at its best when water and sun paired up together.

In each case the leaves have different characteristics at different levels of the plant, and each leaf is classified accordingly. 

  • The lower leaves of the plant called “Volado” is the one that supplies the lighter flavored filler and allows the cigar to have a good combustion as long as its well rolled.
  • Medium filler leaf is called “Seco”.This leaf is key to give the cigar an unique aroma.
  • The “Ligero” can be found at the top of the plant. it is the main filler.
  • To finish with and the most important leaf is the “Medio tiempo” as its the strongest and richest tasting filler. 

Each leaf has its own destiny.

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